215 Sports is a blog providing commentary on the latest in Philadelphia Sports. As a group of college reporters we'll look to post new content every week that we hope will provide a fresh take on the latest news concerning the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and Sixers. Big 5 Basketball and off-beat posts on national stories might sneak their way in once in a while too.

The Team

Nick Tricome
The founder and owner of 215 Sports, Nick is a journalism major at Temple University and a sportswriter for The Temple News. He created the blog in 2012, shortly after wrapping up his senior year of high school. Nick's area of expertise is in hockey, but he is also a big baseball fan, complaining about the Phillies' recent shortcomings just as much as everyone else. Nick is a die-hard fan of all four of the city's teams, but is the first to admit that he is much stronger talking about the Flyers and the Phillies, than the Eagles and the Sixers.
Follow him on Twitter @itssnick215 or send an e-mail to nicktricome215@gmail.com.

Andrew Sifari
Andrew is a die-hard Phillies and Flyers fan. There is just one problem...he likes the Dallas Cowboys, but he hopes you won't hold that against him. Andrew is a journalism major at Temple University and has also contributed to Philliedelphia and Flyerdelphia. Andrew's non-sports interests include metal--the music, not the material.
Follow him on Twitter @Wild_Sifari or send an e-mail to asifari@comcast.net.

Steve Bohnel
Steve is a journalism major at Temple University, and is also a sportswriter for The Temple News. On top of that, he runs his own personal blog via a Facebook Page he dubbed "Steve The Sports Guy." Aside from sports, Steve is a fan of classic rock music and collects vinyl records, despite the fact that he barely uses the record player in his dorm.
Follow Steve @SteveSportsGuy1 or send an e-mail to sbohnel@gmail.com.

Michael Guise
Michael is a journalism major at Temple University and sports writer for The Temple News (noticing a trend here?). He also writes for Shell Shocked Sports and Fightin for Philly. Michael specializes in the NFL, but also loves to write about college basketball and the NBA. He tries not to have favorites though.
Follow Michael on Twitter @MikeG2511 or send an e-mail to tue56624@temple.edu.

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